Crafted With Love & Passion

Each one of our projects is crafted our passion we have for making your home or building look beautiful.

Complete Landscaping, Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

    Skillfully Constructed Design

    From conception to completion, a great plan will produce an aesthetically pleasing landscape. All aspects will come together to form a sustainable landscape that will grow beautifully. Breen Landscaping can provide you an appealing and an artfully constructed landscape plan that will greatly increase the value of your property.

      Softscape & Hardscape Installs

      Breen Landscaping can fulfill all of your requirements, whether it’s a new landscape or an existing one. We provide both softscape and hardscape installations.

        Lawncare Specialists

        Not only can we design, build, and craft, we also have the perfect touch to ensure you have a beautiful lawn.

        Core Services

        • Trees, Shrubs, and Ground Covers Installations:

          We can provide you with different trees, shrubs, and ground cover installations that can enhance the beauty of your landscape.

        • Perennial and Annual Installations:

          We offer perennial and annual installations that will give your landscape the perfect look.

        • Sod and Seeded Lawn Installations:

          Sod and seeded lawn installations are great ways to grow a new lawn.

        • Mulching and Composting Services:

          By using our mulching and composting services, you can freshen up your landscape.

        • Brick Paver and Stone Patio Installations:

          Give your landscape an exquisite look with brick pavers and stone patios.

        • Sidewalk, Step, and Driveway Installations:

          Make your landscape beautiful and functional with sidewalks, steps, and driveways.

        • Retaining and Sitting Wall Installations:

          You can create an enclosed area in your landscaping by installing retaining and sitting walls.

        • Fire Pit and Fireplace Installations:

          Boost the look of your landscape with a fire pit or fireplace.

        • Landscape Maintenance Services:

          Our inclusive landscape maintenance plans and horticultural services are as follows:

        • Lawn and Plant Applications:

          Lawn and plant applications help create a weed-free environment for your plants.

        Areas We Service

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